Delivery / Installation


Delivery & Planting Services

Don’t have a truck of your own? We can deliver anything from plants, soil, mulch, and sod to your home. We are available for delivery all day Monday through Saturday. Delivery time-slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please call to ask about our current openings (423) 238-9775. Delivery charges are based on the mileage from our nursery to your home.



We employ a landscape crew to install plants at your home. All tree plantings include landscape mix, mulch around the base of the plant, and stakes if applicable. We charge a planting fee per plant installed, dependant on its size. Call us for details, (423)238-9775.

Mulch Installation Service

Our landscape crew is available to spread mulch at your home upon delivery. There will be a flat rate per cubic yard of mulch spread according to your requested amount.


Sod Installation Service

Whether you have a small space or need to install an athletic field, we can help. We offer soil prep and sod installation. Please call to schedule a consultation with the owner, Wendell, for an estimate. The estimate service fee is $50.